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File:NewYorkStateCulturalEducationCenter.JPG|thumb|The New York State Library is located in the Cultural Education Center. The '''New York State Library''' was established in 1818 to serve the government of the state. The library is one of the List of largest libraries|largest in the world by number of items held, with over 20 million. The Library is part of the New York State Education Department. The Library and its sister institutions, the New York State Museum and New York State Archives, are housed in the Cultural Education Center, which is part of the Empire State Plaza, a large complex of state government offices in downtown Albany, New York|Albany, New York, United States. The New York State Library was formerly located in the New York State Capitol and then across Washington Avenue in the New York State Education Building. An annex containing books,...
Library nameNew York State Library
Name en| library_logo =
TypeGovernment and Research Library
Scope| established = 1818
Ref legal mandate| location = 222 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY 12230
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Num branches| items_collected =
Collection size20 million+ print items; 50,000+ digital items
Criteria| legal_deposit =
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